who we are


realtimeseismic is a private company, headquartered in Pau, France. We provide services and products for various geoscience applications, from the exploration to the global seismology to the near-surface engineering and environmental geophysics. With our partners we cover the full geoscience integrated chain, from the survey design to the field operations, to the interpretation.


Our clients are O&G operators, from majors and supermajors to independent, upstream and downstream, exploration ventures, energy companies, geothermal operators, mining and quarrying operators, construction companies. Projects in exploration and development, production and storage monitoring, site studies for pipelines, installations, power stations.


We have partners for integrated projects in software development, in geomechanics, in 2D and 3D seismic acquisition, in multi-physics geophysical operations, in near-surface geophysical acquisition for mining, engineering, environmental applications.


An experienced motivated group of geoscientists, with academic, r&d and industry background.  Motivation, passion, agility, and a constant aim for the technical excellence.


We believe in people, progress, science and technology. We aim at the technical excellence, we adapt, listen and propose the optimal solutions for our clients.